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The Next Generation of You: Todd Scott

Author Jim Gehman
Date Published Nov 30, 2023

Todd Scott was a wet-behind-the-ears rookie safety with Minnesota in 1991 when a veteran teammate offered him a towel and some sound advice.

“I had a mentor, a former teammate of mine, he’s still a mentor, named Audray McMillian, that played with me for the Vikings, who said, ‘Hey, you need to be working on your second career’ while we were playing. So I was doing real estate even when I was playing with the Jets. In hindsight though, goodness gracious, I wish I had bought up some New York real estate in 1995. What would that be worth now?” Scott said with a laugh.

With the Vikings for four seasons, Scott was selected to play in the 1992 Pro Bowl. Finishing his seven-year career, 1991-97, with the Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Kansas City Chiefs, he totaled seven interceptions and 299 combined tackles.


His Transition After Retirement

After retiring from the game, Scott focused fulltime on his Houston-based company, Great Scott Enterprises. It concentrates on business consulting, real estate investments, and property management.

“I do very, very well in my consulting business. But my primary business is investing. I am an active real estate entrepreneur. In the Houston, Galveston area, I own 115 units, commercial and residential properties, apartment complexes, some single-family homes, but mostly multi-family properties.”


A Helping Hand

“I coach individuals on how to buy, seek, and fund deals. That’s one aspect of my business, as a consultant,” Scott said. “I specifically want to help coach former players in real estate. Former players and current players, that’s really what my passion is. One of the things that I hate is that they always write that 80 percent of NFL players are broke and/or divorced two years after they leave the game. I’d like to do something about that. And have been doing something about that.

“Helping them transition out of the game, which I knew all too well, I’m able to help provide that for other people. I understand and know exactly how life transforming that would be if I did not have it. And I’d hate to think about how my life would be like if I did not have that. I have so many friends who’ve done terribly financially after they left the game. So it’s unbelievably rewarding when I can help someone.”


Todd holds BS Degree in General Studies with a concentration in business from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.  He is a NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional, has a Certificate in Technology Commercialization through the University of Houston, and has a certificate to assist clients in the Growth Wheel methodology of business development.  He has been recognized by the National Association of Small Business Development Centers as an exemplary business consultant. Read more stories like Todd’s.

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