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Don’t Put Things in Your Suitcase of Life

As I watched my 14-year-old daughter Karis grow into a thoughtful, determined young woman, I ask myself again where did the time go? As a father, have I done enough to connect? I dig for the moments to connect with her and teach what I have learned.

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Yeah, Toxic Positivity Is Very Real. Here’s How to Recognize It.

Authentic presence is often the greatest gift a person can give.

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Self-Care and Gratitude: How They Go Hand in Hand

COVID affects the global population, but gratitude can help us roar back.

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Study hints that early morning exercise may reduce cancer risk

Circadian rhythm may play a part in exercise and cancer risk.

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You Need a Personal Highlight Reel

Asking others about the best version of you...is strange, but healthy.

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Will COVID Change Our Habits Permanently?

Most people are cutting back on discretionary spending, and it is likely to last.s

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Ten Money Topics You Should Always Discuss with Your Partner Before Committing

Communication and openness on finances is key to strong partnerships.

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How to De-escalate Conflict

5 ways to bring things back down when they get tense

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How to Move Your Business Online Quickly

Three simple strategies to create cash flow now.

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How the Pandemic Is Changing Our Exercise Habits

Some groups are moving less, but others are exercising more.

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Experts Predict What This 'Lost Year' Will Really Do To Our Kids

Students were supposed to be back in school, but many aren't. Now what?

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To Succeed in a Negotiation, Help Your Counterpart Save Face

How people want to be perceived is connected to identity and dignity.

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Regular tea drinking linked to better heart health

Both green and black tea are rich in compounds that help dampen inflammation.

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Embrace Happiness

Happiness lifts the heart and nourishes inner peace.

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How to Eat Right When Resources are Tight

The important point where wellness and finances intersect.

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The Next Generation of You: Jay Riemersma

After his time in the league, Jay is doing meaningful work with FRC and enjoying his family.

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