Editor's Note:
Working Towards the Best Version of Me

In the wake of this year’s presidential election, I am reminded that anything is possible.

But what’s next? I don’t just want what’s coming to me. How do I get closer to a happy life?

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How Successful People Network with Each Other

Entrepreneurs need to make connections, and quality ones at that.

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Pro Football Players Learn About 650,000 Colorado Residents with Hearing Loss

Our continued partnership with EarQ is meeting healthcare needs of former players.

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Former NFL players get health screenings from Centura Health, Living Heart Foundation

We hope all former players seek out regular primary care.

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15 Things You Should Never Buy During the Holidays

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Ahead is a month of shopping lists and financial traps.

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Happy Thanksgiving from the PAF

Remember to let your family and friends know how much they mean.

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Holiday Expectations and Stress

Try to pace yourself this time of year.

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Here's Exactly How to Build a Healthy Plate at Thanksgiving

Save yourself the post Turkey Day guilt.

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6 Ways Your Friends Can Make You Healthier

Developing friendships also helps to develop happiness.

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One simple rule that can change bad credit card behavior

SPOILER ALERT: Use cash for anything under $20.

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Is An Expensive College Worth It?

Think of your education as an investment.

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Why Being Alone (Sometimes) Is Good For Your Soul

Taking some time for yourself is good for the mind.

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Top 10 Tips To Stay Fit In 2017

Social Media Inspiration, Clean Eating, Quick Recipes, And More.

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Why Less Really Is So Much More

Relationships are the most valuable thing we can have.

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401(k), IRA contribution limits won't go up in 2017

Know your limits when it comes to retirement savings.

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How to Calm Your Nerves Before a Big Presentation

Focus on the potential opportunities available to you.

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