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Mental Health Awareness Month

This month, the PAF Director Tyrone Allen tackles the subject of Mental Health, the resources he has helped develop over the past decade, and the importance of having a solid understanding of yourself, mentally and physically.

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The Next Generation of You: Eric Kettani

Another glimpse into life after the NFL, this time with former player and active Naval Lieutenant Eric Kettani.

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Myron Rolle: From NFL Player to Neurosurgeon

From the field to medical school, former player tackles his goals.

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Risky Business: Internet Addiction

As we continue to explore risk factors for developing or exacerbating depression, we turn our attention to technology.

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7 Signs You Actually Stop Breathing When You’re Sleeping

It’s more common than you think—and it can lead to some serious consequences

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Risky Business: Marijuana Use

Another factor than can negatively impact preexisting depression is the utilization of marijuana as a coping mechanism.

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A Benefits Site Built Around Player Feedback

Players’ involvement in the design process of the new NFLPlayerBenefits.com gave some surprising insights.

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Keys to Handling Criticism

Building strong relationships mean being able to listen to the praise and the criticism.

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Risky Business: Compulsive Buying

As part of Mental Health Month, we are shining a light on habits and behaviors that increase the risk of developing or exacerbating mental illnesses.

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How to Evaluate, Accept, Reject, or Negotiate a Job Offer

Now that you’ve got the job, ask yourself should you take it?

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5 Ways To Be More Mindful, Well-Rested And Productive At Work

Start by breaking from your phone at night.

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Penn State World Campus

More than 125 programs with tuition reductions for former players.

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Mental Illness Is On The Rise But Access To Care Keeps Dwindling

Access to former player specific programs are available. Every Tuesday and Thursday in May we will feature an article for Mental Health Month.

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What Are the Odds the IRS Will Audit Your Tax Return?

The number of tax returns filed keeps going up, but what about the audit rates?

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Are You Compensating? Is Your Wife?

Leaning into your spouse’s interests can be quite powerful. Don’t pull back.

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Why Most Leaders Fail

Another insightful piece by former player, and leadership coach, Freddie Scott, II.

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