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The Courage to Chase Your Dreams

Author Andre Collins
Date Published Jan 19, 2018

Do you remember when your imagination as a child was limitless? When you could play, and imagine that you could do anything or go anywhere. You never considered what was likely or possible, your only limitation was your capacity to dream.

We can learn a lot from children. They are fearless, creative, and show amazing courage to chase their dreams. They never consider what other people think about their dreams, because they are so consumed with living them.

Whatever happened to that kid that loved to dream? The kid that lived without walls or boundaries, and chased their dreams relentlessly.

What happened to my courage to fearlessly pursue my goals?

Life happened.

As we grow up, life will deal its fair share of obstacles that can make us wake up to reality. A reality that constantly tells us that our dreams are either irrelevant, or impossible. A reality that pressures us to endure life, rather than to enjoy it.

If you take the time to quiet the noise around you long enough, you may begin to hear the whisper of the child in you that is still dreaming. The child in you that sees what’s possible, and wants to take the limits off of life.

The question is, will you be courageous enough to chase your dreams?

Here are 4 ways to build courage when chasing your dreams.

  1. Are you led by your feelings or principles? The problem many people make when it comes to accomplishing goals, is that they allow their feelings to dictate what they do, when they do it, and how they do it. Remember, at the end of your feelings is nothing, at the end of principles is a promise. Begin by focusing on principles that will guide your life, regardless of how you feel, and you will see more success.
  2. Do you own your life? Taking ownership is the first step of taking accountability of the outcome that you want. You can’t do anything about your past, or the mistakes that you made, and what people have done to you. But you are in complete control of your present. What you choose to do today determines the outcomes you experience tomorrow. Make a decision to begin with the end in mind. Live life based on the outcome you want, not the outcome you’ve gotten.
  3. Stop criticizing yourself. If people could hear your internal conversations, what would they hear? Stop having negative self-talk! Stop being your worst critic. Many times we can be our own worst enemy. We tell ourselves what we can’t do, or replay negative statements or experiences from our past. Have the courage to change the way you see yourself, and talk to yourself.
  4. Stop letting your surroundings dictate your potential. Sometimes the environment around us can be intimidating. If we are not careful, it can steal the courage required to confront our obstacles. I love what Pastor Joel Osteen said, “What’s around you should have no bearing on developing what’s in you!” Don’t let what’s around you impact your expectation of what you can accomplish. The only limitations that you have are the limitations you accept for yourself.

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