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Dear Fellow Former Players & Friends,

Whew! Summer has passed. For you dads, it is ok to breath now. You survived summer by learning some new tips on saving money, grocery shopping and eating at home. Truth is, no need to keep up with the Jones’ if the Jones’ are swimming in debt.

It’s back to school for the kids and it should be back to school for you. No one likes change, especially when it is about your own life. Change takes energy, money and sometimes beats up your pride. Even when you know change is necessary and you can’t sustain your current path, you resist making change at all costs. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. It is natural to have a real hesitation about moving forward.

Break out of this thought process. Take a deep breath, gather the facts and overcome. Start by planning things out. Take a personality test or skills assessment to move toward a career that will make you most happy and fulfilled. Ask yourself the tough questions. Should I change jobs? Get more education? Or take your first job after football making $30,000 a year? All of these are good questions and planning will help eliminate the procrastination and begin to provide answers.

Walk, don’t run. Create a little momentum by seeking advice. Making tough decisions is hard. But over time things begin to make sense and your new deliberate approach to life will produce new successes, new gratifications and new great stories to tell.

The NFLPA, Trust and Professional Athletes Foundation make up a team that exists to serve former NFL players. Investigate today.

The sun is shining somewhere out there. Take action and you might find your paradise is just around the corner.

Andre Collins


Executive Director
Professional Athletes Foundation
NFL Player 1990-1999

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