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Mental Health Awareness Month

Author Tyrone Allen
Date Published May 04, 2017


Dear Fellow Former Players & Friends,

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, it got me thinking about how building a healthy you can contribute to wellness in all areas of life. Recently, a player contacted me after his release from a hospital stay, telling me he had nowhere to go. He was honest about his relapse in his behavior and I was able to get him to a safe place while reconnecting him to our available resources.

This helped me realize that change does not happen overnight and it is an ongoing process. I’ve worked with so many of you and your families over my 10 years here at the Profession Athletes Foundation, and I continue to commit myself to helping former players achieve better, more fulfilled lives after football. As I was one of the first staff members hired to understand your behavioral, emotional, and health needs, I’ve gathered the experience necessary to create some of the most influential programs and services that currently help you and your families succeed. Most recently, I am encouraged by your positive feedback of the partnership with the Eisenhower Center, which leads me to believe we are on the right track together.

At the PAF, we realize that your needs change on a continuous basis, so we always strive to create resources that reflect your needs, current needs. Here are a few ways you can take action by exploring the following resources we have available:

  • Cigna EAP counseling program
  • Living Heart Foundation Sleep Apnea program
  • Living Heart Foundation HOPE Obesity program
  • Ear Q Hearing Evaluation

As we move into Mental Health Awareness Month, it is important that you have a solid understanding of yourself, both mental and physical, within your personal relationships and your professional workspace. All of these aspects of your life (which we have resources to address) impact your mental health. A healthy mind leads to a healthy you.

The actions you take today will lead to the opportunities for a better, healthier life tomorrow.


Tyrone Allen

PAF Director
Professional Athletes Foundation

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