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Dear Fellow Former Players & Friends,

As February takes hold, I reflect on my days as a college football player at good ol’ State…Penn State, that is.  We made the decision as players to wholeheartedly commit to one another. We fought for each other. We sacrificed for each other.  And we loved each other based on a single theme: Get to the ball with all your heart and do your best to make the tackle. You can be fearless because I’m near and on my way to help you.

To every former player out there, the Professional Athletes Foundation has your back. Be fearless. As long as you are trying, together, we will not fail. Teamwork isn’t confined to the field of competition. The best teammates in life may be family or friends.

This February we want to take the opportunity to help you be the best teammate for the people closest to you. Gentlemen, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I want to make something perfectly clear. Take out the trash. Pick up your clothes. Listen to what she says and score big with a box of chocolates!

In all seriousness, it’s the work you put into your marriage and the special relationships with your family and friends that will leave you fulfilled. This type of sustained happiness will reap success in all areas of your life. Be optimistic. Be curious about what the best relationship looks and feels like. Don’t be stubborn. Change your approach…not your lady.

Changing your approach will be the breakthrough your relationship needs. Let’s think about that for a minute and explore the endless possibilities…together.

I keep saying “life is work,” but when you put that time in, you create opportunity.

But before you celebrate, build your game plan. Check out some of this month’s relationship articles for guidance.

Confidence is everything. Get your swagger back! Pop the bubbly and make her wonder aloud, “Who is this guy?”


Andre Collins

Executive Director
Professional Athletes Foundation
NFL Player 1990-1999

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