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Program offerings will help former NFL players openly discuss mental health topics that will include the more recent addition of problem gambling. A player only program – where players can talk confidentially amongst their player fraternity in virtual group settings.

Friday, October 7, 2022 – Behavioral health expert Kindbridge will  offer player-to-player mental health resilience and education infrastructure to the NFL Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF), aiming to open and lead the dialogue on the vital importance of mental health in sport.

This initiative represents another pivotal investment into the health of former players, providing a dedicated space that is player led to openly discuss a variety of mental health related topics that include depression, anxiety, marriage, and substance use along with the impacts of problematic gambling that can often go unaddressed.

A first-of-its-kind program group counseling and mental health resource that is aimed at dispelling the myths and alleviating the stigma surrounding mental health.

Tyrone Allen, the Director of the PAF, said: “The players asked, and we are delivering! This program is an essential step to making more mental health resources available to our former players community.”

The NFLPA’s Professional Athlete’s Foundation is the foundation that supports former NFL players with various resources and services that will now include this exciting one-of-a-kind new mental health program.

Data taken from the first six months of the program will be utilized to show the efficacy of groups led by licensed mental health specialists, with data from 18 months of the program to be used to track health outcomes for former player who participate.

The program is also designed to allow former players to leverage the PAF and other resources through the NFLPA.

Daniel Umfleet, Founder and CEO of Kindbridge, said: “The building of robust internal infrastructure to support psychological and mental health is a clear demonstration of the commitment of the   Professional Athletes Foundation to take these issues seriously. With a huge national and global audience, it is highly encouraging to see the PAF lead by example while playing a major role in destigmatizing mental health issues in sport, in the US and beyond.

“Gambling is another concern that can compound or create serious mental health related problems.  Together with the  PAF we look forward to supporting former  NFL players on their journey to better understanding their own mental health.”


About Kindbridge

Kindbridge is the world’s first teletherapy company focused specifically on the successful treatment of gamblers and gamers struggling with their mental health. It provides the highest quality, HIPAA compliant, virtual technologies to enable these vulnerable communities to connect with qualified therapists in an online environment to drive successful outcomes.