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In 2017, Stay Focused on Gratitude and Grace

Jan. 1, 1970

Dear Fellow Former Players & Friends,

This past year, in so many ways, life was unforgiving and cruel. We all witnessed some hard truths as it was clear the world is still wrought with danger and hate. It was a year in which many cared so little about their fellow man. At times in 2016, I was absolutely frustrated with how we treat one another and how it has become so common to make each other look bad or promote one’s failures. We stop at no end to demoralize each other.

In these times, it can be difficult to stay focused on gratitude and grace. Nevertheless, we must be thankful for all the things life has brought us this year whether good or bad.

Tough times always come. You can absolutely bet on it. But life provides lots of opportunity. This riotous time too shall pass.

We can survive change and tough times with patience and resolve. Wait uncomplainingly in your difficult situation. Get quiet and get still. Realize what you’re up against and pray for success. Don’t give in too much to the despair.

It is in this instance that it is wise to practice what we always preach at YourPAF ,“LIVE IN THE MOMENT!” It is written that God provides just enough grace for the day. Those are words that in stressful times I cling to.

We all have so much we are hoping for in 2017. May this be a year full of kindness. Seek it out and make a commitment to being better in your love relationships, your friendships and your kinships.

Together with Tyrone, Caryl, Leslie and all the PAF team; I wish you a happy new year, one in which you will take action because after all, Action Creates Opportunity.

Andre Collins


Executive Director
Professional Athletes Foundation
NFL Player 1990-1999

Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust Fund

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