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Get quiet and make better decisions

Jan. 7, 2019

Dear Fellow Former Players & Friends,

As I watch this year’s playoffs, it reminds me that anything is possible as teams battle on the field. The ups and downs with every snap are almost too much to bear.  I won’t reveal who I root for, but I get excited as a fan and I’m hopeful every time my team takes the field. Watching the focus, determination and motivation it takes to compete brings great joy if things go my team’s way.

But sometimes things don’t go my team’s way.

And in my personal life things don’t always go my way either. There is no perfect path to achieving goals.Sometimes I lose even when I make great decisions and do great things. Fighting to beat the odds and overcoming setbacks to reach goals at work for myself and at home for my family is normal.

I do know the lessons we learned as teammates are valuable.

How do I react after a setback? How do I show up at work after a day when everything went wrong!!?

Sometimes it means slowing down and turning down the noise.I get quiet and still. But I won’t punish myself. I stop short of replaying all the poor decisions in my head. If an apology is in order I simply say sorry and move on. If I need to do better, I figure out how to give more.

Get quiet and make better decisions for a better quality of life.  

If you’re ever in this situation, I know you’ll thrive. I know your ideas in the aftermath will be fresh and new. You’re alive, creative, smart and capable.  Believe in yourself. You’re talented beyond measure. Tap into the strengths that allowed you to be the best at your sport. Feel the happiness that comes with reaching and stretching higher.

Together we will celebrate the enthusiasm you have to overpower the inconceivable. I’ll say it again we know how far we’ve come.

Continue to be the author of your life and block negative thoughts that cycle through your mind. Living one moment at a time can solve a multitude of disputes. You already have the tools, just chip away.

Make a way today. The gateway to your best life is waiting

Action creates opportunity.

Andre Collins


Executive Director
Professional Athletes Foundation
NFL Player 1990-1999

Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust Fund

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