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Will you be fit or fat?

Oct. 11, 2012

Choices. Our days are full of them.

Choosing to get out of bed.
Choosing what clothes to wear.
Choosing what to have for breakfast.
Choosing what mood to be in.

Each day (almost hourly) we’re faced with crossroads in our lives, including our fitness and nutrition plans. The path you choose is what dictates your waist size!

Crossroad #1: 

The sound of the alarm penetrates your dream. You’ve overslept, and you rush to get out the door to go to work, forget the clean-eating lunch you made for yourself the night before.

You’ll have to decide what to do about lunch later. Right now, your focus is on beating the boss to the time clock!

You barely make it to work, the phone starts ringing before your butt hits the chair at your desk, and you’re off – the day almost started without you!

Before you know it, it’s time for lunch. Your co-worker casually mentions, “Hey, we’re going to the local Greasy Spoon around the corner. You want anything?”

Do You

A. Yell “Supersize me!” and order two of everything on the menu?

B. Scream “Get thee behind me!” make the sign of the crucifix and run screaming down the hall?

C. Order something clean-ER than a Quarter Pounder and fries, enjoying the ONE TIME ONLY meal, knowing that you’ll be back on track by dinner that night?


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