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What My Dad Taught me About Marriage

Feb. 23, 2015 The Generous Husband

I know my mom and dad had struggles in their marriage. Nothing compared to many, but it was not as happy as I wish it had been. We didn’t see much of that as kids, but looking back with what I know now, and what I found in some of his journals after he was gone, I have some idea. I know they had different ideas about raising kids, about where to retire, and about sex. I mention this because it makes what my dad taught me about marriage all the more impressive.

  • My dad taught me marriage is for life.
  • He taught me, by words and actions, to keep working on your marriage. Never give up; never settle.
  • He taught me sex was an important, wonderful part of marriage.
  • I was expected to respect my mother even when I didn’t agree with her.
  • I learned men and women are not the same, and men are supposed to honour and protect women.
  • He showed me caring for your wife and kids was more important than getting what you want.
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