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Vitamin E Keeps Your Brain Razor-Sharp

Jan. 1, 1970 Life Enhancement Magazine

You’re committed to better health, right? You’ve decided that you’re going to do your best to eat right, stay in shape, and improve your healthy outlook on life. After all, you’ve got a lot to live for. You want to live long, live well, and by all means keep your brain sharp – because physical health means nothing without a lively brain. (No matter how powerful a computer’s hardware components may be, it’s just a big paperweight if the CPU is “fried.”)

So you set yourself to the task. At the dinner table, you heap vegetables onto your plate, eat fish, turkey, and chicken rather than red meat, and try to forgo dessert. At lunchtime you eat salads instead of fast food. And at breakfast, you ditch the muffins and doughnuts in favor of fortified, low-glycemic cereals and a colorful selection of fresh fruit. Good for you! You’re doing all the right things. Well, maybe not all. A nagging question remains: are you getting all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you need to live life to the fullest and remain mentally acute?

Most Americans Need More Vitamin E

Nutritional surveys show that most Americans are deficient in some extremely important vitamins and minerals. For example, most of us don’t get as much vitamin E from dietary sources as we should, because we don’t eat enough vitamin E-rich foods (such as nuts and seeds). Just because you have a good diet doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting all the important nutrients you need in the amounts you need. This is especially true of older people, whose bodies no l

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