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Twitter and Your Job Search

Jan. 14, 2015 AthLife

In today’s competitive environment, whether you are searching for a job or not, establishing your brand is important. Twitter is an increasingly effective tool to establish your brand and develop your career. Using it along with other social media outlets can help you improve your online presence, communicate your skills and network with others in your industry. Last week we gave you the benefits of using Twitter, today we will focus on how it can help you during your job search.

7 Ways to Use Twitter for your Job Search

1. Create a Twitter account that showcases your professional profile (think online business card). Incorporate your elevator pitch into your bio and provide a professional avatar. Use Twitter as a jumping-off point to your more detailed online profiles — a personal blog, website or LinkedIn profile, for example.

2. Let people know you are a job seeker with a post like; “ I’ve updated my #resume and I’m looking for a #GraphicDesign job in #Advertising.” (Include a link to your online resume)

3. Many companies have job-related Twitter handles and hash tags. Following those is a great way to keep tabs on job openings in real time, rather than searching the company’s website; e.g., @GMJobs and @ComcastJobs.

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