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The 3 A’s of conflict negotiation

Aug. 31, 2015 Business Management Daily

Whenever groups of people work closely together, conflict is sure to arise. However, there are ways to negotiate peacefully and calmly to ensure both sides are heard, writes blogger Tim Schurrer, who suggests adhering to the 3 A’s of conflict negotiation.

1.  Acknowledge the other person’s feelings. Listen to what’s being said, and repeat it back to the speaker.

2.  Align yourself with the other person’s point of view. Recognize how the situation made the other person feel and sympathize with that perspective.

3.  Assure the other person that you know how to move forward. Com­­mu­­nicate that you have a clear plan to resolve the situation.

— Adapted from “Three Simple Steps to Resolving Conflict,” Tim Schurrer, Storyline.

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