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Thanks to Apple, 11,000 people signed up for a heart disease study in one day

Mar. 12, 2015 Business Insider

Tim Cook appeared on CNBC’s Mad Money and talked to host Jim Cramer about how things have been going since its big Apple Watch press conference on Monday.

One thing he said jumped out: the new app software Apple released, called ResearchKit, to revolutionize the medical research industry seems to be revolutionizing that industry already.

In ResearchKit’s first 24 hours, it helpedĀ Stanford University find 11,000 participants for a heart disease study. Cook explained:

It’s really incredible … in the first 24 hours of research kit we’ve had 11,000 people sign up for a study in cardiovascular disease through Stanford University’s app. And, to put that in perspective– Stanford has told us that it would have taken normally 50 medical centers an entire year to sign up that many participants. So, this is– research kit is an absolute game changer.

With ResearchKit, Apple has been working with researchers across the world to develop new applications that can tap into the kind of features used by Healthkit, to do medical research.

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