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Mar. 1, 2016 Black Enterprise

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech, constantly moving and ever-changing world, it’s very easy to neglect important things in life like healthy eating.

Our eating habits tend to get worse when we’re drained and want to grab something quick and filling with no fruit stands or juice bars in sight. You also may not want to have to choose between getting a smoothie and doing laundry, as sometimes prices for premium food on the go can be high.

Tamika Catchings is always on the move, especially during the WNBA season, but even during the off season. Whether she’s either playing overseas, managing her nonprofit foundation, promoting her book, or sharing her inspiring story at organizations across the country, Tamika doesn’t have a lot of time to find the closest healthy ‘hot spot,’ similar to many young professionals, but she does have great habits that help her maintain her energy and lifestyle.

Tamika shared 5 tips for young professionals with

  • Be Conscious: After going to a grocery store with a nutritionist, Tamika was able to learn about the things she can purchase to get the best out of her trips. If you can’t see a nutritionist, find a certified specialist online that you can learn the basics from and make sure you’re knowledgeable about your sodium and sugar intake. Also make sure to get your regularly scheduled checkups in case you need to increase your intake of vitamins in certain areas.
  • Be Prepared: “I always have a snack bag in my car,” says Tamika. If you travel with healthy snacks, you’re much less likely to purchase or eat what’s available in the ‘company pantry’ or the crafty table, such as snacks and beverages with high fructose corn syrup or saturated fats.
  • Be Diverse: Tamika shared, “One thing the nutritionist told us was to make sure our plate has different colors on it; so not all brown.” She also watches her fried foods. “French fries is my weakness,” she confesses. If you eat chicken, like Tamika, try fish or meat alternatives.
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