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Should You Take an Aspirin a Day for Your Heart?

Jul. 2, 2015 Men's Health

You’ve probably heard that taking one baby aspirin every day can significantly reduce your risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that regular aspirin consumption cut the risk of coronary heart disease by 28 percent in people who’d never had a heart attack or stroke, but were at heightened risk.

You may have also heard that the FDA isn’t so sure that aspirin is delivering as advertised. Last year, the organization released a statement, announcing that they had “reviewed the available data and does not believe the evidence supports the general use of aspirin for primary prevention of a heart attack or stroke.”

So which is it? Should you be taking an aspirin or not? Is it helping you, or is it just a placebo?

It may depend on whether your blood pump is actually in peril.

“Low dose aspirin reduces cardiovascular events in subjects with known cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease,” says Dr. Prediman K. Shah , M.D., the director of the Oppenheimer Atherosclerosis Research Center, as well as a professor of medicine at Cedars Sinai and UCLA.

In other words, if you have heart disease or have already suffered a heart attack or stroke, low-dose aspirin can be cheap artery insurance.

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