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Sep. 3, 2015 Trinity News Daily

September is deemed the National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, so expect many pieces of advice about the disease to flood your years. Nevertheless, men are usually unaware that some simple prostate cancer prevention measures may save their lives on the long run.

Experts do not know a certain cause of why some men develop prostate cancer. Doctors suspect that it is either related to family history or an unhealthy lifestyle. But in many cases both factors can lead to the disease.

Men who know that they have a family history of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes should take extra measures to stay healthy, doctors say. People should first focus on their lifestyles and be true to themselves.

Although you may look healthy, that high cholesterol and high blood pressure should prompt you to think otherwise. You should also check your body fat percentage and take steps to reduce it if it is above a healthy limit.

Many prostate cancer survivors managed to stay alive through some simple lifestyle changes including changing diet and making sure that they stay away from harmful a environment and chemicals that we unknowingly absorb through our skin.



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