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NFL legend hosts Easter event for Valley homeless

Apr. 5, 2015 AZ Central

Holidays are a stressful time for the Valley’s homeless population, a time when many feel further from their family and friends.

Many organization have stepped up over the years to help the less fortunate, including former NFL great Nick Lowery.

Lowery says his 18 seasons as a kicker, most of them for the Kansas City Chiefs, would be meaningless if he couldn’t give something back.

“Some of us, when we’ve had moments of success — public success — it doesn’t feel that great. And we’re wondering why. It’s because it’s the human connection that matters more than anything,” Lowery said.

For the past nine years, Lowery has headed up “Champions for the Homeless”, an event held each Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Free meals are provided to the homeless, as well as music and friendship.

“I feel honored to meet people here who have so much wisdom and love,” Lowery said. “That’s there no matter what. It’s there, not because somebody did something for them, it’s just there and they find a way to feel blessed, no matter what. That is the best lesson of all.”

Carnations were provided to everyone who entered the dining room as a reminder that we can give each other beauty every day.

More than a thousand people were served at Sunday’s event.

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