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Let’s Be Real: The Truth About Working From Home

Sep. 23, 2014 Career Attraction

Yes, I’m guilty of sitting at home all day. Usually in the same spot for 8+ hours.

Yes, I’m guilty of ignoring the dishes while I’m home all day.

Yes, I’m guilty of not mowing the lawn while I’m home all day.

Guilty of it all and so much more.

If you work from home, chances are you’re guilty, too. On more than one occasion, I’m sure you’ve heard a variation of the following…

“I know you’re busy during the day…” (let me pause here and explain that this part is typically said with a heavy sarcastic undertone)“…but could you (insert any chore/errand here)

Working from home can be productive, rewarding and pretty awesome on most days. It can also be a pain to explain to others.

There’s no doubt that the first time you tell someone you work from home, they’re going to say one of three things:

  • “So you can work in your pajamas and not shower and no one would know?”
  • “But are you looking for a real job?” or
  • “Oh my god, I would love to work from home and do nothing all day!”

Yes, I consider myself extremely lucky for having the opportunity to work from home, and I’m eternally grateful to my boss for allowing me this privilege, but it’s not exactly the escape from reality everyone is dreaming of.

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