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How to Squat More, Work Out For Longer, and Train Harder

Jun. 28, 2017 Men's Health

Equinox master instructor Gerren Liles stopped by the Men’s Health Rec Room to demonstrate one simple way to build up muscular endurance in your legs—something that will come in handy everywhere from the squat rack to your bicycle.

(By the way, be sure to also check out MTFU, the workout that Liles developed exclusively for the Men’s Health app. The dynamic combination of dumbbells and a suspension trainer might just become your favorite go-to workout for a crowded gym.)

In the video above, Liles demonstrates the dumbbell split squat hold, an exercise that can be done virtually anywhere. Liles performs the move using a dumbbell, but you can start with just your body weight.

Looking for more of a challenge rather than less? Just grab a heavier dumbbell. You won’t have to worry about cheating yourself; thanks to the way Liles recommends doing this exercise—with your hands coming together to hold the dumbbell beneath your working leg—it is physically impossible to cheat your form.

By performing this exercise even on your days off, you’ll find an increase in your tolerance for training. Perform this move on the regular—on training days and off days alike, with a day of rest between sessions—and you’ll soon be able to lift more, work longer, and train harder, says Liles.

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