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How to Be a Fighter Like Stuart Scott

Mar. 24, 2015 Men's Health

When those in the spotlight are struck with tragedy, we almost expect them to crumble from despair. But when the late, longtime ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott was diagnosed with cancer—not once but three times—his vigor, enthusiasm, and fighting spirit remained undefeated.

You can read about his fight, in his own words, in this inspiring essay for Men’s Health. And now in his just-released autobiography, Everyday I Fight, co-written by Larry Platt.

Platt and Scott’s ESPN colleague, Jay Harris, appear on Men’s Health Live to remember the man who will be remembered for more than just his sports broadcasting legacy.

Scott first learned that he had cancer of the appendix in 2007, and throughout his long battle with the disease—a fight he would lose on January 4, 2015—his resolve never wavered.

“His focus became… not on how to die but on how to live, and how to be literally in every moment so that nothing is wasted,” says Platt.

Cancer was by no means the first time that Scott had faced unbeatable odds. In fact, much of his life, even breaking into the world of broadcasting, was a challenge, says Platt.

“His entire biography was about fighting off adversity and triumphing in one way or another,” says Platt. “He had a natural resilience that came from sports.”

Channeling his energy, Scott dove into his work and even participated in physical activities while fighting one of the world’s scariest diagnoses.

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