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How Much Tuition Can You Really Afford?

May. 13, 2015 Forbes

It’s almost time to make the final decisions about where to go to college. That means writing the first check for tuition as well. It can be tough to spend a lot of money up front for education, but statistically college graduates do make more after graduation than those who didn’t attend college.

But the real question is this – how much tuition can you really afford? Every family is different, but go through these steps to see how much you can afford and are comfortable with.

Work To Pay As You Go

The best thing any student can do is work through college. We’ve discussed it multiple times, with both finance experts and career experts sharing the benefits of working in college. Focusing specifically on the financial aspects of working, and amount you earn during school and be used to pay for college as you go. This will boost the amount of tuition you can afford, or at least leave you in a better position after graduation.

Never Stop Looking For Financial Aid

Another big way to increase the amount of tuition you can afford is to offset the costs with financial aid. Many schools offer financial aid packages, and if you feel that you deserve more than you were offered, you can always appeal your financial aid award. However, where a lot of students fail is they stop looking for financial aid after school starts. But students can apply for scholarships and grants all through school. Since many students don’t do this, there are a lot of opportunities to get ongoing financial aid awards.

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