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Help the NFLPA Partners Celebrate Fatherhood

May. 30, 2014 NFLPA

HUD has asked each Public Housing Authority in cities across the country to invite fathers and their children to a community center in June, where they will have “bonding activities”: arts and crafts, games, refreshments, music, etc.  HUD will also have resource tables set up by various community partners where fathers can access information on health care, job training possibilities, legal advice, and ways to build and support strong families. is planning the Fatherhood Buzz, an outreach effort to promote responsible fatherhood and disseminate parenting information to fathers, families, and the community at-large via one of the most trusted community resources for men, barbershops.  The event will take place at hundreds of barbershops across the country in June and focus on building healthy relationships.

As role models in the community, your presence and actions carry a significant amount of authority and influence.  We are committed to having a former or current NFL Player stay 30 minutes to an hour at these events but please feel free to stay as long as you would like.  If you are interested in attending the event listed below, please email Mark Buente at for more information.

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