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Gene Upshaw Grant Application Checklist

Below is a brief checklist of required materials as you prepare your application.

Required Materials

1. Letter of Application
  • Have you explained your situation in detail?
  • What kind of assistance are you seeking? Financial? Medical? Educational? Other?
  • Have you addressed how you came to be in your current situation?
  • How will the grant assistance through the GU PAT Fund help you move forward?
  • Have you listed which bill(s) you are requesting assistance and for how long (i.e., onetime payment or number of months)?
  • Have you submitted your letter of application by email or fax?
2. Federal Income Tax Return
  • Did you file for taxes in the most recent tax year?
    • If yes: Do you have a copy of your tax return to submit with your grant request?
    • If no: You must contact the IRS at 1.800.829.1040 and request a copy of your tax transcript. Please be ready to provide your social security number to the representative when calling. This may also be done by going to
  • Are you married and filed separately?
    • If yes: have you obtained a copy of your spouse¬ís most recent Federal Tax Return from the most recent tax year?
  • Have you submitted your Federal Tax Return / Transcript by email or fax?
3. Bills & Estimates
  • Do you have copies of the bills and/or estimates that you plan to submit for consideration?
  • Are all your submissions official bills, invoices or estimates that can be paid directly by the PAF?
  • Besides medical bills and a rental lease agreement, are the bills for consideration within the last 30-45 days?
  • Do all the bills have appropriate account numbers and payment information (Address, name)?
  • Have you submitted your bills by email or fax?
4. Consent Form
  • Have you completely filled out the consent form included in the grant guidelines?
  • Your consent form must accompany the other information required to apply for assistance.
5. Credit & Debt Management
  • Have you contacted Money Management International (MMI) in order to set up your free initial counseling session?
    • If no: Please call 1.866.490.0457 to set up your initial session.
  • Have you participated in your initial counseling session?
  • Have you received your Proposed Action Plan including action items and personal budget?
  • Have you submitted your MMI Proposed Action Plan by email or fax to the GU PAT Fund?