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Go for a Walk this Weekend with Your Wife

Oct. 21, 2014 The Good Husband Blog

It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year, Autumn. If you live in a state that experiences the vibrant change of colors, you have an opportunity to love on your wife in a very simple, yet romantic way! Take her for a walk through the Autumn trees!

There’s nothing more romantic than spending quality time with your wife, except for when you spend that time hand in hand walking through the autumn woods. A lot of communities now have walking trails in our very near them. Chances are there’s one not far from you. And depending on how your local climate lends itself to the changing of season, this coming weekend might be a great time for you to treat your wife to some one-on-one time.

Let’s plan this out.

1. Locate your local trail. Check with your community’s website and look for information to local parks or walking trails. Remember, you want a place that has a pathway suitable for walking with an abundance of trees. Gather whatever information you might need; parking details, directions, and any restrictions or guidelines.

2. Make space on your weekend calendar for your time of exploration with your wife. If it helps to set it as an appointment in your planner, than do it.

Continue the plan below.

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