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Former NFL standout Chad Pennington now heads The Lexington School’s football program

Sep. 27, 2014 Lexington Herald-Leader

Monday night, Chad Pennington was in East Rutherford, N.J., watching the New York Jets — the NFL team he used to quarterback — play the Chicago Bears.

Tuesday morning, Pennington was at his home in Woodford County doing a phone interview with Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio.

Tuesday afternoon?

“I’m back coaching middle school football at The Lexington School,” Pennington said, chuckling at the contrasts in his football life.

Whether he’s hobnobbing with former NFL teammates at MetLife Stadium, or chatting with Cowherd about Jets’ quarterback Geno Smith, or diagramming a play for a group of green middle-schoolers, it’s all football, so it’s all fun for Pennington

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