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Feature vs. Benefit: How to highlight your accomplishments

May. 7, 2014 AthLife

Everything you communicate whether it is your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, or interview responses should be constructed to articulate what benefits the employer will gain when they hire you.  Here are a few before and after examples.

Before (feature): Capitalized on extensive community employer relationships to solicit financial support for special projects.

After (benefits): Secured record cash sponsorships (more than $66,000) as a result of relationship-development skills.

The focus was on how relationship building generated support for special projects. What was the result of those relationships? The result was the tangible $66,000 generated for the employer.

Before (feature): Coordinated and executed highly successful defensive game plan strategy.

After (benefits): Led the conference in scoring defense allowing opponents an average of just 14.3 points/game in 2013 and 15.1 points/game in 2012.*

The focus was on how the execution of the defensive strategy was successful. What was the result of that execution? The result is the points/game average that led the conference in holding opponent scoring.

For help with this strategy speak with your AthLife Inc. Advisor.

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