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Exercise can minimize the pain of knee arthritis

Jun. 8, 2015

Unfortunately osteoarthritis, more often just called arthritis, is a painful and debilitating condition that often severely changes people’s quality of life.  Far too often, people allow painful knee arthritis to stop them from exercising all together. This can actually further exacerbate the disease as opposed to help minimize the pain.

While the pain experienced with arthritis makes it difficult to want to exercise, it is imperative to keep the rest of the body in shape which will in turn take the pressure off the knees. Remember that the less you move the more the disease will take over. It also can snowball into cardiac issues or problems with other joints, the longer the inactivity continues. Working joints that surround the area will help diminish the overall pain and help the knee joint function better.

By land or by pool

In the video below, there are a few exercises that are good for people suffering from knee arthritis. If you are experiencing severe knee arthritis, try to these exercises in the pool. This will help take the weight off of the knees but still allow you to strengthen. If you have access to a pool, even walking around can be enough exercise. Water adds resistance to the exercises so walking around in waist high or even chest high water will allow for the muscles to get stronger and keep the rest of the body in shape. You can add in the exercises to give you more of a workout.

If you prefer to stay dry on land, you can do these exercises either standing up or lying down. Standing up makes the exercise easier to perform, but it may be harder on the knees. Lying down will decrease the amount of pressure on the knees. You need to decide which level you are at. And do not be afraid to mix and match, meaning do one set in standing and one set lying down. Make sure you work to your comfort level, taking as much rest as you need to but also making it so you still feel a challenge.

The exercises that are shown in the video are four way hip exercises and a balance exercise.


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