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Do You Have Health Insurance?

Nov. 12, 2015 Working America

Open Enrollment for 2016 coverage is active and ends January 31, 2016. You must sign up by December 15 to start the New Year with coverage.

In collaboration with GoHealth, Working America Health Care offers you information and an easy way to shop for health insurance and compare carriers, plans and prices side by side. You won’t find lower rates anywhere else. Also find out if you qualify for lower costs based on your income.

Call 855-907-8683 (if you live in OR or WA, call 800-560-7114). Also you can visit

Through the Affordable Care Act every American is now required to have health insurance. Individuals and families that were not able to afford health insurance in the past now have several options to obtain affordable health insurance. Having health insurance is now the law. If you do not comply, you will pay a tax for not having health insurance. Action creates opportunity.

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