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Changing the Narrative: Former NFL Players

Aug. 12, 2015 Panel Picker SXSW

Final Whistle: Transitioning to a Life after Football – From ESPN’s “Broke” to HBO’s “Ballers”, a player’s transition out of football is depicted by a singular narrative: life never gets better than when in the NFL. That perception discounts the countless players who have found success after their playing days and ignores the innovative organizational efforts that have been implemented to assist athletes in retirement. A panel of former players and NFLPA executives will discuss the personal and professional challenges athletes are faced with after their NFL career ends and how the creation of a new organization, The Trust, has revolutionized the programs and resources available to players when they step off the field.

Questions answered in the session:
What are the biggest challenges for NFL players after their retirement from football?
What was the process used to create the Trust and how has it changed the programs and resources that players can access after they retire?
How do actual player transitions differ from the portrayal that is so commonly shown by the media?


Panels involving active NFL players:

Businessmen Not Ballers
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No Filter: Athletes Taking Control of the Message
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