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Beyond the pitch

Jul. 28, 2014 AON

  • Have a Clear Philosophy
    • If you are clear on what you want and why you want it, your whole relationship with your team, with your players,  and with the game itself will be much easier.
    • Being able to refer back to a clear philosophy produces a stability and consistency that is welcomed by all involved. Eventually as a coach/manager, you become known for the behavior you express, which is fundamentally directed by your own philosophy.
  • Be Realistic
    • Unless your team is playing professionally, it will always be in development mode. This means that there will be times when the level of expertise – technically, tactically, physically and psychologically – will be open for improvement.
    • As the coach, you must be realistic with your expectations. At the same time, you must work with your players individually to understand how they can play to their potential.  Realistic aspirations give players a real opportunity to succeed – as they gain success, their confidence grows and performance improves.
  • Always Be Positive
    • There is no doubt that performance is always enhanced if it is approached with a “can do” attitude. As the coach/manager, you have to embody this philosophy in all that you say and do. You will set the tone for your team and the individuals within it.
    • The use of positive language, combined with a solution-oriented approach will be viewed, listened to, and copied by all involved.

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