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August – Good Times, Memories and Belly Laughs

Jan. 1, 1970

Dear Fellow Former Players & Friends,

With August here, I hope the information on financial responsibility during the summer has been helpful, and put to practical use. My family and I certainly did our part to save. By taking a few inexpensive day trips and road trips we saved hundreds. The trips were all short drives to Atlantic City, Charlotte, and Pittsburgh. Frankly, the good times, memories and belly laughs were the same as if we had gone some place more exotic.

At home, I made it a point to do the grocery shopping for the family. The first benefit came in the form of big savings; I avoided the common occurrence of taking the family out to eat because the fridge was never bare. I also learned something about my family, the kids preferred to eat in; and as long as I had plenty of kale salad and cauliflower for my wife then she was happy too.

Next, and just as important, it allowed me to pick up the mint chip ice cream that has become my weakness. I’ll make sure to click on a ‘Body’ resource to keep that craving in check.

Finally, eating in allowed for good family time and a chance for my wife and I to get creative in the kitchen. From zucchini boats to cauliflower steaks, from homemade smoothies to burgers sandwiched between glazed donuts; we tried it all.

As I look back on my choices, and the savings it has provided, I am reminded of the importance of staying focused on healthy financial decisions. Life keeps moving and planning ahead will help me stay ahead.

The holiday season is off in the distance, but start thinking about your holiday budget today, during summer.

  • Build up savings that are specific to holiday travel and gift giving.
  • Check in with your kids now to see what they want for Christmas.
  • Start to engage realistically what Santa may be able to deliver.

Don’t be surprised by your child’s creativity or desire for something small. You just may learn that taking action this far out will provide you with the opportunity to give your family the best holiday season yet.

But not so fast, we still have over a month left in summer and plenty of time to get ahead of your budget while dipping your feet into the local pool or nearby beach.

Andre Collins


Executive Director
Professional Athletes Foundation
NFL Player 1990-1999

Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust Fund

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