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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Work-Life Balance

Dec. 2, 2014 LinkedIn

Building a small business is like running a marathon — it requires a healthy blend of maintaining a sustainable pace while also exerting intense bouts of effort to ensure optimal conditioning and overall success when the iron is hot. Go out too hard and you’ll burn out before the race is finished, but move too slowly and the opportunity will pass you by.

Today’s entrepreneurs err on the side of going too hard and we ultimately find ourselves mentally or physically drained at just the moment when intense focus and effort is required to make all of that hard work pay off. Even those who have successfully achieved a liquidity event are oftentimes left with indelible scars. Regardless of what stage you’re in, the results can be the same: weakened or destroyed personal relationships, mental and physical exhaustion, poor health and even depression.

What’s an entrepreneur to do?

Get physical: Finding time to invest in your health has the dual benefit of recharging the mind and the body for the miles ahead.

Be social and have a hobby: Having friends is important! A life without friendship is devoid of meaning and having friends who listen gives you fresh experiences and perspective that enhance the overall quality of our lives.

Shut it down: When the marginal quality of your work diminishes, take a break. I promise that the benefits of being refreshed vastly outweigh the cost of time lost.

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