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After years of league denial on concussions, NFL Rookies taught that sometimes health comes before pride

Jul. 2, 2014

For years, the National Football League denied, denied, denied.

The league said concussions, let alone repeat concussions, weren’t happening to its players. Five months after the league agreed to settle with more than 4,000 former players – who said the NFL hid the dangers of repeat hits – as well as a future undetermined number of players, the league is attempting to be more transparent with its newest members.

During the NFL’s 17th Rookie Symposium last week in Aurora, Dr. Matthew Matava, St. Louis Rams’ team physician and President of the NFL Physicians Society, and New York Giant’s team physician Dr. James Kinderknecht taught the rookies during a closed session about concussions and baseline tests. There are risks that will come with their reward. Even though they know that in 30 or 40 years they could have brain damage, the rookies still are choosing their love of the game above their health.


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