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Admitted to All 8 Ivies: What It Really Means

Apr. 5, 2014 Huffington Post

The other day, I read a report in The Huffington Post that Kwasi Enin, a high schooler from Long Island, was accepted to all eight colleges in the Ivy League, plus Duke and three SUNY colleges.

Holy bananas!  Where will he choose to attend???

The truth is, it doesn’t matter all that much which school Kwasi attends for his undergrad: not because he would have the same experience at each of them (he wouldn’t — each school has its own “flavor”) and not only because he’s choosing from top-level schools.

The reason that Kwasi’s success doesn’t depend on which school he attends is because Kwasi has cracked the “big secret” that I hope to instill in every one of my students: ultimately, the power to succeed lies in you.

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