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A No-Nonsense, 5-Step Guide to Success In the Digital Era.

Jun. 2, 2016 Entrepreneur

Let’s face it, the digital space is a wild and dangerous place. A single tweet can cost you your job and a bad customer experience can quickly become your worst PR nightmare.

Given the huge risks, isn’t it frustrating that everyone has an opinion about your company’s digital strategy? Any schmuck with a smartphone is suddenly a digital marketing expert.

It’s impossible to know what’s important and what’s not. Should you take advantage of content marketing or is it a waste of your time? Should you tweet three times a day or three times a week? With so much conflicting advice, it’s no wonder business owners everywhere are struggling to maximize their digital efforts.

Your family, friends, and all of the marketing blogs are dead wrong. I alone hold the secret to digital success, and lucky for you, am charitable enough to share it!

Here are five clever steps I’ve developed to guarantee your business success in the digital era.

1. Stop sending email blasts. Send this instead.

After several drafts and revisions, your carefully crafted email is ready for delivery. Your marketing team has given you two amazing headlines to A/B test and you can’t wait for the positive response.

You send the email off and where does it go? Right into the trash folder.

Did you know that the average email only gets clicked three percent of the time? You are ten times more likely to be able to walk right into your customer’s unlocked home unannounced.

Now I’m not suggesting you do that — that would be crazy. But youcan take advantage of this “open-door” policy without getting yourself arrested. I’m talking about a completely untapped marketing strategy that’s guaranteed to get your business the attention you need.

The secret? Ditch the emails entirely and send glitter bombs to your customers via snail mail.

People love glitter! It’s sparkly and fun. Women wear it on New Year’s and guys even put it on their beards. If you’re in a boring industry, glitter has the added benefit of generating more excitement than you possibly could by yourself.

Actions speak louder than words, so stop sending email blasts and start sending glitter blasts. Put your email marketing efforts on hold and dedicate your efforts toward a full-fledged glitter marketing campaign. People are guaranteed to pay attention.

2. Avoid social media at all costs.

You don’t have time to mess around on social media, you’ve got a business to run!

Would you have a baby and expect it to raise itself? Of course not. So why would you start an online presence when you don’t have the resources to nurture it and bring in qualified leads?

You might have heard that 80 percent of small and medium-sized businesses use social media to drive their business growth. Sure, but did you also know that 80 percent of businesses fail within 18 months? Coincidence? I think not.

Remember, the internet is a dangerous world where online gaffescause irreversible damage that no PR firm wants to handle. The best way to avoid these issues? Avoid social media altogether. Roughly 99 percent of top brands use Facebook, so this tactic will land you in the top 1 percent, the very cream of the crop.

As if that weren’t a good enough reason, remember that social networks are teeming with bots, spam, and fake followers. You’ll never convert a phony follower into a paying consumer, no matter how hard you try.

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