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7 Things I wish I’d Known When I Was 22

May. 29, 2014 LinkedIn

The digital landscape (two words I would never have used in conjunction in those days) has changed unimaginably since I was 22. I would never have believed, when I left University in 1996 with an English Literature degree and vague plans to become a librarian or a civil servant, that the web would play such a pivotal role in my career.

Around 45 million people were using the internet worldwide when I graduated, compared with 2.5 billion today. I was lucky enough to walk into a job as Webmaster for the Metropolitan Police based on a year’s experience of doing some online research in a law library.

Today’s job market is so much tougher than the one my contemporaries and I faced, but I think my key learnings are still valid. So these are the 7 things I wish I’d known when I was 22, I hope they help. #IfIWere22

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