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6 Courageous Life Choices for Creating a Fulfilling Future

Mar. 23, 2016 Huffington Post

Does it ever seem like you have more work to complete than every other person in your life?

As if everyone around you has it easier than you do?

Each day, more overwhelmed, exhausted and feeling the pressure to “keep up”, you begin to wonder, “What happened to the enjoyment of work?”

I used to believe 12 hours a day, six days a week was the only path to fulfilling my dreams. However, the more I pushed myself the more I perpetuated new, different and more complex challenges.

Falling victim not only to the busy-bragging epidemic, I also allowed myself to see life through a lens of negativity.

I had lost sight of what mattered most.

Weathered both physically and emotionally, I began to believe I was unlucky, unfit and unable to live up to my dreams.

Luckily, I was wrong, picked myself up and chose a path radically different.

Creating a Fulfilling Future

1. Be Curious– As a child, curiosity lead to more exploring, experimenting and experience. Being passionately curious allowed us to embrace vulnerability…the uncertainty, the risk and the fear were secondary. We learned. About ourselves and about life. Somewhere throughout the years we’ve suppressed our curious nature. It’s time to become more inquisitive again.

Start by adding new, novel adventures and explore. Be fully expressed and completely vulnerable. Gain deep perspective, intense convictions and amplify your ambition. Be curious…work and play, leap and fall. Win. Fail. Learn.

2. Live your truth– It’s easy to be busy, take urgent actions and create nonessential, even destructive habits. To focus on what really matters is a non-negotiable if you’re looking to enjoy daily fulfillment. We must break the ineffective cycle of procrastination and distraction. Before you can do that it’s up to you to decide what your dream will be.

Design each day in the context of your deepest convictions and highest ambitions. Find the things that ignite your soul and have you springing from bed with excitement each morning (you’ll know when you find them). Decide how you want to be remembered, how you’ll spend your time and what impact you can leave on the world for the rest of your life.

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