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50 Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50

Feb. 1, 2016 New York Magazine

Next Sunday is Valentine’s Day, when you’re expected to act as lovey-dovey as possible and exchange gifts with a special someone. But honestly, a dinner out is so expensive that adding on a fancy present is another layer of pressure. Plus, what do you even get a person whom you’ve been casually dating for the past month and wants to hang out? Stop overthinking and have fun with it. There are plenty of creative gifts under $50 that will mean way more than a generic bouquet of red roses.

Thinking about moving in together? Why not finally give that person a toothbrush at your place. Or maybe you’re making it official and giving your significant other a key to your place? Add it to a clever key chain. From booze to cheese to sexy-smelling perfume, here are 50 ideas that won’t cost more than $50. Click ahead to see them all.

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