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5 Workouts for Your Brain This Winter

Dec. 10, 2014 Huffington Post

We may feel more tired during winter because we are exposed to less sunlight throughout the day, which can have a significant impact on how fatigued and drowsy we feel.

Our bodies respond to darkness by producing melatonin, a hormone that helps us sleep. Thus, when the days get shorter and we spend more of our waking hours in darkness, we naturally begin to feel less energetic.

However, a sleepy brain is a sluggish brain, and your fatigued mind certainly won’t help you stay on top of your work or home life this winter.

To keep your brain active and healthy, foster these knowledge pools and maintain your mental energy all season long:

1. Learn a language

Whether you’re learning new words in your native language or learning a foreign language, expanding this knowledge pool is a great way to get your mental juices flowing.

2. Practice yoga

In addition to being a great workout, yoga has also been shown to significantly increase brain function — even more so than aerobic workouts.

3. Play an instrument

If you learned an instrument in your younger years, that’s great! Studies have shown that practicing an instrument as a child can help your brain stay sharp throughout the entirety of your life.

Yet, even as an adult, there are a number of mental benefits to learning an instrument.

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