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5 ways to get to $1 million

Aug. 20, 2014 MSN Money

Look around. The stock market is back to setting all-time highs. The housing market is percolating again, at least in most parts of the country. The economy is picking up, while unemployment is falling. That means raises and outside job offers can’t be too far behind. And small-¬≠business owners are about as confident as they’ve been in six years, with plans to hire and expand.

As hard as it is to accumulate $1 million by the time you retire, there are plenty of steps you can take — by saving, investing, owning real estate, managing your career or starting a business — to help you get there. Some of those moves, which are laid out on the pages that follow, simply require time, while others require planning. The biggest myth, however, is that the work is too hard and the sacrifices too big to make it worth reaching for your goals.

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