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Dec. 8, 2014 Fast Company

Contrary to popular opinion, December is a great time to be job hunting, says Tony Beshara, author of The Job Search Solution

“If you think nobody interviews or hires during the holidays, you need to think again,” says Beshara, president of the Dallas-based recruiting firm Babich & Associates. “When a company needs to hire, December is no different than any other time of year. Too many people wait for the New Year, but there are no more openings in January than there are in December.”

In fact, Beshara says December is the second or third busiest month of the year for hiring. While the month is interrupted with holidays, opportunities are still out there. He offers four reasons why the holidays are a great time to start or continue your job search:

1. People are in a Better Mood

The holidays are a time for joy and merriment, and the parade of treats, parties, and gifts puts many people in a good mood. In addition, hiring authorities have often received end-of-the-year bonuses, and that can put them in good spirits, too, says Beshara.

“A good bonus makes someone a little more up and happy with their company,” says Beshara. “If you’re a job candidate, it’s always better to be interviewed by someone who is relaxed and in a good mood.”

2. The Candidate Pool is Smaller

Most candidates take time off of their job search during the holidays, and that means there are less people competing for interview slots.

“During the holidays, companies won’t have as many other people to look at,” says Beshara. “After the first of the year there will be lots of people, especially those who decided to change jobs after receiving a disappointing year-end bonus or raise. The number of candidates increases in January, but the number of job opportunities does not.”

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