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2014 NFL draft: An introduction to some of this year’s most intriguing prospects

May. 7, 2014

The 2014 NFL draft is just days away, which means it’s time to endlessly scrutinize each prospect and ask the tough questions, including (but not limited to): Does Jadeveon Clowney have the motor to make it in the National Football League? What does Teddy Bridgewater’s braces removal say about his work ethic? Will Johnny Manziel wear his helmet and pads to Radio City Music Hall?

However, there is more to this draft than generic talking points. There are 256 players set to fulfill lifelong dreams, and many are worth getting to know. For those interested in detailed analysis of this year’s most sought-after prospects, check out’s Top 100. But for some extra tidbits about this class, broken down by position, read below.


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