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15 Things You Should Never Buy During the Holidays

Nov. 28, 2016 Kiplinger

The season of giving is also the season of getting. You’re likely spending lots of money purchasing gifts for friends and loved ones during the holidays. But proceed with caution: There are a number of things you shouldn’t be buying between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why? Because certain items tend to be considerably less expensive outside the peak holiday shopping season.

We reached out to deal experts to give us the particulars on what not to buy during the holidays. Here are 15 things they say you will be better off purchasing at other times of the year.

Forget the notion of waking up on Christmas morning to find a new car in the driveway. Instead, think New Year’s Eve (during business hours, of course) to get the best deal on a new vehicle. Car dealers are in the mood to haggle and clear their inventory before year’s end to make room for new models and earn manufacturer incentives.

Looking for a used car? Hold off until April for the best deals. It’s the month dealers tend to buy the most at auction, giving you the best selection.

Exercise Equipment
You might see a few sales on fitness gear and apparel in late November and December, but January is when the real deals appear on exercise equipment, according to Benjamin Glaser of

Hey, we’ve all done it and retailers know it: We resolve to lose weight and get fit in the New Year. To that end, those retailers have sales on fitness equipment in January. Look for markdowns of 30% to 70% on fitness DVDs, treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and complete home gyms.

If you need to spruce up the living or dining room before guests arrive for the holidays, don’t expect to find a good deal on a sofa or table and chairs before Christmas. Instead, wait until after Christmas, when furniture stores hold clearance sales to make room for new styles that are usually released in February. For example, furniture retailer Room & Board has an in-store and online clearance sale once a year, typically the day after Christmas. Expect discounts of up to 50% on discontinued furniture styles and in-store floor samples.

Also, many stores offer 0% financing along with the big discounts during annual clearance sales. Put this note on your 2017 calendar: Because new styles often are released in August, too, July is another good month to look for deals on furniture.

Tools typically are discounted during Black Friday sales. But wait to buy a new drill, wrench set or tool chest around Father’s Day instead. You’ll save 5% to 15% more on tools in June when retailers have sales on gifts for dads, says’s Schaffer.

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