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14 Things Not to Buy During the Holidays

Nov. 24, 2014 Kiplinger

Here are 14 items you can score better deals on after the holidays.

Brand Name Big Screen HDTVs.

Yes, you’ll find plenty of deals on off-brand HDTVs on Black Friday. And if you’re willing to skip your Thanksgiving meal or get up before the crack of dawn and battle the crowds, you might score one of the limited quantities of deeply discounted quality TVs. But if you wait until a week or so before the Super Bowl, which takes place on February 1, 2015, you’ll see widespread sales on brand-name big-screen HDTVs, according to Expect to see prices on 55-inch brand-name LCD HDTVs 10% lower than the best Black Friday deal.


Forget the notion of waking up on Christmas morning to find a new car in the driveway. Instead, think New Year’s Eve (during business hours, of course) to get the best deal. Car dealers are in the mood to haggle and clear their inventory before year-end to make room for new models and earn manufacturer incentives. Looking for a used car? Hold off until April for the best deals. It’s the month dealers tend to buy the most at auction, giving you the best selection.

Exercise Equipment.

You might see a few sales on fitness gear and equipment in December, but January is when the real deals appear, says Mark LoCastro of Retailers know that people usually resolve to lose weight in the New Year, so they tend to have sales on fitness equipment in January. Look for markdowns of 30% to 70% on fitness DVDs, treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and complete home gyms, LoCastro says.

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