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10 Simple Ways to Keep Her Happy

Jun. 18, 2014 Men's Health

I am the best husband in the world.

If my wife were to read this, she’d fall to the floor, convulsed in laughter, and then gasp something about my “dazzling lack of self-knowledge.” But no matter. I wear her ignorance of my excellence as a badge of honor. The best performers inhabit their roles—you never catch them acting.

I wasn’t always a paragon. In my early years, I was a journeyman at best. In ’88, I treated a precious marital secret as though it were the score of a Bulls game. And back in ’96, there was a New Year’s Eve kiss with our neighbor that probably should have been more perfunctory, less probing. But over the past decade, inch by inch, I’ve mastered the gig, and for the past few years, I’ve been locked in. I can see the seams on every chance to love, honor, and cherish.

Click below to read the 10 ways to keep her happy.

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