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10 reasons social media stresses us out

May. 29, 2015 Real Buzz

It keeps us connected to friends, occupies those spare five minutes while we’re waiting for the bus and – let’s face it – we wouldn’t be without it. But sometimes social networking drives us crazy. Here are the reasons social media stresses us out.

Social media stress 1: Prying bosses

It’s bad enough having to prepare a job interview outfit, perfect your CV and prepare well thought out and intelligent interview questions, but now research has suggested we should also be worrying about what’s on our Facebook pages if we want to bag our dream job. According to a study by Career Builder, 37 per cent of hiring managers had checked prospective employees’ social media pages before offering them the job, and one third of these had been put off by what they had seen there!

Social media stress 2: Identity fraud

Thanks to the abundance of personal details many of us share on social media sites, it seems we are making the job of identify fraudsters much easier. With the click of a few buttons, it is easy to bring up a whole host of information on users who believe they are simply sharing innocent information with friends. In fact, according to experts, you could be providing enough information for somebody to easily set up a bank account in your name. To avoid becoming a victim of identity fraud, remember to update your privacy settings to make sure your personal life is kept private.

Social media stress 3: “You have been tagged…”

If prying bosses and identity thieves weren’t enough to contend with, we now also have to deal with every fat day and fashion faux pas being broadcast for all to see. And, according to a recent study, our pals are doing it on purpose! According to a study by, one in four women deliberately post unflattering photos of their friends wearing bikinis online and two fifths had deliberately posted photos of their friends without makeup. No wonder a study by Fitbit identified unflattering Facebook photos as the new number one weight loss trigger!

Social media stress 4: No introductions necessary

Before Facebook and Twitter, we could carefully craft out our own first impressions and choose which parts of our personality we wanted to reveal to new acquaintances. Now, we have to live with the fact that new colleagues and “blind dates” may know everything about us from our favourite band to our relationship history before we have actually been formally introduced. Yep, pre-date online stalking has truly taken all the mystery out of dating – are we the only ones who miss the days of actually getting to know each other in person?

Social media stress 5: The relationship status

Those early are-we-or-aren’t-we days in a relationship have always been slightly tricky territory. However, prior to the rise of social media, all we had had to contend with were those common dilemmas of when to say I love you, how you should introduce them to your friends, and whether you were ready to meet the parents. Now we have had another obstacle thrown in our way: the relationship status. After all, you know you’re official but are you “Facebook official”? Are you ready to take your relationship to that next ever-so-public level? And who should do it first? In the increasingly stressful world of dating, we’re just not sure social media is helping!

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